Doublethink. Newspeak.

Doublethink:  Accepting two mutually contradicting beliefs as being simultaneously correct. As in thinking, Sure, Donald Trump is selecting the wealthiest people he can find to be in his cabinet, while also thinking Sure, Donald Trump really cares about middle class America.

Newspeak: Ambiguous, euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda. Aren’t I the greatest? Sure, I’m the greatest. Everybody says so. I can make American great again because I’m the greatest.


He may not be much else worth mentioning, but Trump is a master of doublethink and newspeak.

I was ¬†worried that we’d never be able to figure out what was going with Donald in charge, but, after this inaugural week, I wonder no more.

To know what’s actually going on, all we will have to do is believe the exact opposite of whatever he says is going on.