What Others Are Saying

"Thanks for writing this book. It is a gem and a treasure!"
                    –Robert Johnson, PhD, acclaimed Analytical Psychologist and author of numerous psychological classics, including Owning Your Own Shadow.

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, Reviewer's Choice:

There is a darkness in all of us, and how we deal with it is what determines our future, on a personal as well as a societal level. Shadow in the USA is a discussion of human nature and philosophy, as Kay Plumb argues that humanity’s power to hurt itself has run amuck. With honesty and knowledge, Shadow in the USA presents plenty to ponder and makes for a very much recommended reading.

James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

Small Press Bookwatch: October 2011


"I like your enthusiasm for the shadow."
                    –Robert Bly, National Book Award winning poet, storyteller, troublemaker and author of A Little Book on the Human Shadow.

"Hats off to you for doing a wonderful job of making a distasteful subject so entertaining."
                   –Katherine M. Sanford, MA, Analytical Psychologist, lecturer, painter and author of The Serpent and the Cross.

"This is a powerful little book—a gem whose facets gleam with insights into our shared American identity. It is also a dangerous little book. Plumb strips away our delusions of God-given moral superiority to expose the emptiness of contemporary American life and the dark powers of hatred and greed with which we deny that emptiness. Why read this book? Because somehow it also manages to be delightful. It’s a powerfully written, exquisitely illustrated tale of profound psychological importance—the first of its kind, as far as I know. And because the true potential of the USA—as well as the true potential of individual freedom—can only continue to evolve if we dare to look into such mirrors."
                    –Robert Tompkins, PhD, MFT,, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Western Oregon University; licensed Marriage and Family Counselor.

"While skillfully retelling a familiar tale, Kay quickly leads us into depths which invite introspection regarding the "beast" within each of us, and the "beast" within our culture. Those aspects of ourselves we would deny or project onto others invariably show up in ourselves anyway, slipping through the cracks of our denial, repression and psychological sloth. This book obliges the reader to look at ordinary life through a sharpened lens, and see that, beneath the surface of daily events, deeper and darker energies are spilling into our lives."
                    –James Hollis, PhD, Analytical psychologist,  Director of Jungian Studies for Saybrook University, and author of thirteen books including Why Good People Do Bad Things, Understanding Our Darker Selves, a penetrating look at the human shadow.